Transforming the Blood Collection Tube market

Serum is the gold standard for biochemical analysis of blood samples and is produced when blood clots. Current tubes use an inefficient clot activator and are unable to clot the blood of some patients – such as anticoagulated cardiac patients or those taking common medicines such as warfarin or other oral anticoagulants. The rapid production of high quality serum is important to improve laboratory efficiency and is vital to optimize patient outcomes.

For many years, the industry has recognized the need for a tube that rapidly produced high quality serum from all blood. Q-Sera’s technology has been developed to meet these needs and uses synthetically produced pro-coagulant proteins called prothrombin activators.  The technology was inspired by the venom of some snakes (including the Australian Taipan) that have a potent ability to coagulate the blood.


RAPClot™ Rapid Serum tubes contain RAPClot™, recombinant ecarin and protective formulation. RAPClot prothrombin activator is recombinantly manufactured using standard bio-pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The process is high yielding, low cost and highly scalable.

As a recombinantly manufactured protein, supply of RAPClot™ is unlimited. In line with standard practice, RAPClot™ can be manufactured at any required Quality level.