Our Team

Q-Sera Pty Ltd is an Australian venture-backed private company with an industry experienced CEO. The founding research team are international experts on snake venom proteins and their uses.

Mr Michael Grant

Chief Executive Officer


Michael has over 25 years’ experience in pharmaceutical and biotech development and commercial management functions. Underpinned with science qualifications and a solid background in research and development, Michael has had commercial roles at Australian, Western European and Global levels including 10 years with global biotech CSL. As Senior Director, Commercial Development for CSL’s Coagulation and Acquired Bleeding portfolios, Michael worked with R&D and Commercial functions to manage the strategic direction of CSL’s leading products and recombinant pipeline.

Michael brings this extensive experience to the commercialization of Q-Sera’s market changing technology.

Dr Goce Dimeski

Chief Scientist Chemical Pathology, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queensland.

Goce has over 35 years’ experience in Chemical Pathology at the highest level tertiary hospital. He has major interests in factors that affect accuracy of results (e.g. interferences from blood collection tubes, sample quality, medication etc). He has published over 110 publications in international journals, presented over 50 abstracts at conferences nationally and internationally, written chapters in text books, co-author of the CSLI EPO7 Interference Testing in Clinical Chemistry 3rd edition, is and has been a member of several expert groups, editorial member of a chemistry journal, reviewer for many journals and a NATA Assessor. He has a Fellowship of the Faculty of Science with the RCPA and is an Associate Professor with the University of Queensland.

Goce’s PhD thesis work was the key for Q-Sera’s primary patent. He provides key insights into the end-user value of the results obtained in clinical testing and is also involved with management, recruitment and analyte testing for Q-Sera’s trials.

Emeritus Professor Martin F Lavin

Foundation Professor of Molecular Oncology and NHMRC Senior Principal Research Fellow,

University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research, University of Queensland.

Professor Lavin’s research interests include the genetic basis of neurodegeneration with emphasis on the human genetic disorder ataxia-telangiectasia (A-T); Identification of biomarkers for early detection and prognosis in prostate cancer and investigation of snake venom proteins with commercial potential.

Emeritus Professor John De Jersey, retired Deputy Exec.

Former-Dean of the Faculty of Biological and Chemical Sciences,

University of Queensland

Professor De Jersey has significant experience in the conversion of snake venoms into commercial products and is involved in the optimization and clinical trial of the Q-Sera technology.

John de Jersey undertook his PhD in enzymology at the University of Queensland (UQ). After periods at the University of Sydney and the Pennsylvania State University, he returned to UQ to take up an academic position in the Department of Biochemistry in 1971 eventually reaching professorship. John has published over 120 papers in international research journals in the general area of protein structure and function.

For the last 30 years or so, his research has included studies on the components of Australian snake venoms, including research aimed at establishing venom components as drug leads, including the concept of a blood collection tube containing a snake venom derived pro-coagulant.

This work led to the formation of Q Sera. During his time at UQ, Professor de Jersey took various management and leadership positions and was awarded Membership of the Order of Australia (AM) for services to biochemistry and academe.

Professor de Jersey was made Emeritus Professor on retirement from full-time employment at UQ in 2007. He has continued to pursue both research and other academic and commercial activities.

Dr. Kong Nan-Zhao

Research Fellow

University of Queensland

Dr Zhao has many years of experience and publications in protein research and recombinant technology and was appointed as a researcher fellow to work on the NHMRC development research project that was also funded by Q-Sera Pty Ltd since 2012. Along with the other research fellows, Dr Zhao has contributed to the design of the experiments, and is a key inventor of the patent covering the formulation work to increase the stability of the Q-Sera actives. Kong-Nan carries out and organizes the experimental data, preparing data for reports and publications.

Vale Dr Paul Masci MSc, PhD

Principal Professional Officer, School of Medicine, University of Queensland

Translational Research Institute, Woolloongabba, Brisbane.

Paul sadly passed away in September, 2020, having been active in Thrombosis and Venom research since 1971 and a key inventor of Q-Sera’s technology. Paul had many achievements including a significant contribution to the innovation of a novel test which is now a gold standard Thrombosis diagnostic marker. A novel use for snake venom prothrombin activators was translated into a new patent of which Dr Masci was a key inventor, leading to the development of a novel serum blood collection tube and the formation of Q Sera Pty Ltd.

A tribute to Dr Masci’s research career written by his close colleagues can be accessed via this link.

Mr. Bob Ferrigno

Bob is currently serving as a business consultant for CooperVision supporting the merger of SynergEyes and CooperVision Specialty Eye Care Business. Prior to his current assignment Bob was the President & CEO at SynergEyes, a private specialty contact lens company. He had also served as President of North America at CooperVision and numerous global positions at Becton Dickinson (BD).

In his 40-year career, he has held multi-disciplinary expertise in medical devices. During which, he developed expertise in Health Care, Optometry, Medical Device, and Diagnostic industries in Asia Pacific, Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa; including 26 years with Becton Dickinson building their Global Blood Collection tube Business.

Mr. Franz E. Kirchmeir

Franz currently is acting an Executive Consultant in Healthcare & Life Science with a focus on strategy development, business development and R&D portfolio management

Franz is a former Director of Business Development at Greiner Bio-One Preanalytics in Austria. He has extensive knowledge in R&D management, business development, strategic management and team leadership with over 25 years’ experience and strong focus on the Life and Biotechnology industry. He has a scientific background in microbiology and technical engineering and has had management roles in R&D and new business development related functions on a corporate level at a global acting medical technology company.