Dr Goce Dimeski

Goce has over 35 years’ experience in Chemical Pathology at the highest level tertiary hospital. He has major interests in factors that affect accuracy of results (e.g. interferences from blood collection tubes, sample quality, medication etc). He has published over 110 publications in international journals, presented over 50 abstracts at conferences nationally and internationally, written chapters in text books, co-author of the CSLI EPO7 Interference Testing in Clinical Chemistry 3rd edition, is and has been a member of several expert groups, editorial member of a chemistry journal, reviewer for many journals and a NATA Assessor. He has a Fellowship of the Faculty of Science with the RCPA and is an Associate Professor with the University of Queensland.

Goce’s PhD thesis work was the key for Q-Sera’s primary patent. He provides key insights into the end-user value of the results obtained in clinical testing and is also involved with management, recruitment and analyte testing for Q-Sera’s trials.